Thank you for considering me to be your photographer.

Weddings are amazing. Witnessing people come together in love: the emotions, unique moments and little stories that unfold through the day is the best part of my job. I’ve found that doing this well takes patience, trust, and a sense of humour. I want to get to know you so I can tell your story with imagination and sincerity. I want you to love your pictures. I want to be honest, relaxed, and trustworthy and expect the same from you. I structure my business and my prices to reflect these priorities.

Does this resonate? Read on friend!

I offer half-day and elopement coverage of your wedding day for $1500.00 + taxes.

Half-day event coverage comprises less traditional wedding events of six hours or fewer. I work out a wedding timeline with you in writing prior to the wedding, so we both know what’s happening. Event coverage includes photography of your wedding day by me, an edited set of selected photos in an online gallery, an online slideshow, and a USB of your images with a print/usage release delivered to your doorstep.

An $800 booking fee and a signed contract are required to secure your date. The booking fee will be subtracted from the total coverage fees. The remainder of your coverage fee + taxes is due 30 days before your wedding day.

Attakat wedding photography services also include a collective benefits component into the base fee of $1500.00. You can read more about that here!

Click here to find out more about my à la carte services like engagement shoot and products like albums and prints!

Q: Who takes pictures at my wedding? 

A: I do! (Kat)  I'm a one-woman show who takes great pride in being responsible for every step of the photography process: from shooting pictures on your day, to editing, to album design etc.

Q: How do I know we'll get along? Also, I love your photos, how do I book you? 

A: All good questions! I prefer to have a quick skype session or chat over coffee to introduce myself, go over the contract, and answer any other questions you may have! It's a great way to get a feel for each other and make sure we're a good fit prior to booking. Once we chat, all I require to hold your date is a signed contract and the $800 booking fee, which will be subtracted from the total coverage fees. 

Q: Collective benefits?! What does it all mean?

A: It's you and me working together to use wedding photography to invest in bigger communities, with other stories, for greater good. Through collective benefits, we work together to donate a portion of wedding coverage fees to an organization of your choice. Everybody wins!

Q: We're really camera shy and don't know what to do in front of the camera. Help?!

A: That's ok, most people feel this way. I try to be as relaxed as possible while shooting and spend most of your wedding quietly documenting the unique parts of your day as they happen.  I prioritise capturing people, relationships, and the little moments.  They are the experiences that make your wedding, and the pictures, special, memorable, and personal. 

Couples portraits can actually be a nice, short quiet time away from the excitement.  Generally, I prefer to set aside 20-30 minutes around sunset (sunrise + sunset = amazing light) to pull you away for a few more intimate portraits of just the two of you. Each couple is different, so I individualise this time to you, your day, and the setting. I give a few pointers so you don't feel lost, but generally I find that encouraging you two to focus on each other and ignore the camera yields wonderful moments. I tend to think of posing like hot sauce: a little goes a long way! I also work with you ahead of time to coordinate a list of formal portraits (if you want them) and make the group shots friendly and efficient!

Q: What is good light?

A: People tend to think that more light equals better pictures. This isn't always the case though! The middle of the day is actually one of the harshest types of natural light and generally difficult for getting flattering portraits. When planning your wedding, especially if it's outdoors, considering the location, time of day, and available light can make a huge difference in the quality of your pictures. I'm happy to talk through some of these things with you in detail if you have questions. 

Q: Do you travel and do you charge extra fees for non local weddings?

A: I love travelling. Travelling extensively and have the opportunity to live overseas in the past has given me patience, curiosity, and an always current passport. I'd love to put all of these to good use coming to you! I don't charge any extra travel fees beyond the general coverage fee listed above and the costs of transportation and/or accommodation. Please contact me directly for a quote! (I'm pretty seasoned so it costs less than you might think and there won't be any hidden costs; I give you one easy price to work with, inclusive of coverage + travel!)

Q: What if something goes wrong? Do you have insurance + backups?

A: Yep, I have insurance. I carry an extra camera body + a variety of lenses, flash, batteries + cards to make sure that I'm as ready as possible for any situation that might occur throughout the day. Your trust and the responsibility of documenting your day is something I take very seriously. 

Q: Do you deliver RAW files?

A: Sorry, I don't. I firmly believe in delivering the highest quality images.  Editing is an integral part of this process for me and I don't consider the pictures I take complete without this essential step.

Q: How are our images delivered? What's your turnaround time?

A: I give you a first taste of your images via a curated slideshow sent to your email.  Your larger set of edited images will follow via an online gallery and USB delivery to your doorstep! Turnaround is between 6-12 weeks, depending on the season and my workload. 

Q: If I pay you cash, can we skip the taxes? 

A: Nope. Taxes pay for my sweet public health care. 'Nuff said. Prices listed here are in Canadian dollars and taxes will be added to total amounts.

Q: Where can I find out about additional services and products?

A: Good question! I only want you to have things you love and cherish so I keep everything separate and customizable.  

Click here to find out more about à la carte services like engagement shoots and products like albums and prints.

Q: How do we get the best quality pictures? 

A: I really believe trust is the key to this one. I take it very seriously. If you trust me to tell your story in the best way I know how, I will be liberated to take pictures of your day as it naturally unfolds rather than worrying about a generic shot list or Pinterest board full of poses. Don't worry, I've got a keen eye for details; I know they are important too and I won't forget them. But it's always going to be easier and better to shoot your wedding day as I see it happening so I am free to live in the moments with you and capture them with authenticity and imagination.

Q: Attakat?!

A: A vintage idiomatic expression of excellence, akin to "good job" or "nice one!" and distant cousin to "Atta boy!" or "Atta girl!" I aim for this every time I shoot. :)

I'm happy + proud to provide services to couples in love of any sexual orientation, gender, race, creed or religion.

Love is the best adventure.