Weddings - I really believe the best part of a wedding is the people. With that in mind, I focus on telling the story of your day through mostly candid images with a touch of curiosity and whimsy. Finding the unexpected, in between moments is my favourite thing. I try and round this out with some artful, naturally posed portraits of you two and those important to you to deliver a beautiful, intimate collection of memories that you will love.

I also like to keep pricing simple. My basic service rate is $2200 + tax, which includes full day coverage by me, a curated set of edited photos (in colour & b+w) delivered to your doorstep, along with an online gallery and a print release. Being present, relaxed, and perceptive to the details of your day is incredibly important to me. In order to do my best work, I shoot as a solo photographer and offer event based coverage rather than charging by the hour. For most events this is perfect, but I do offer custom rates for elopements and other non-traditional affairs. I personalize my services to you, what you value, and your wedding, so all other coverage and products are optional extras to this base rate.

Collective Benefits - A key part of being a wedding photographer is telling stories of people who choose to invest in love. As two people come together and commit their lives to each other, they create new stories, invest in their collective future(s), and celebrate with their community. Through my business and your wedding, I'd like to work together to expand this collaboration to include bigger communities, other stories, and collective benefits. Every wedding booked with Attakat will incorporate investment and community building into the base service rate of $2200 + tax.

This works through a $500 collective benefits donation to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice that supports community development, sustainable futures, creativity, and/or a more positive human legacy. Alternatively, you can choose one of Attakat's featured organizations, which comes with an additional savings perk on prints and products. This donation is incorporated into the base service rate and does not increase the overall price of my photography services. Click here to find out more about collective benefits and to read about featured organizations.

Families & Portraits - I specialize in candid, intimate photography of you and your loved ones. It goes something like this: you (& maybe your loved ones) gather in a place, often exploring and chatting, while my picture making machine and I weave in and out, sometimes close, sometimes far, clicking away and asking you about your life and what's important. It's beautiful, funny, and can feel a little awkward at times. Being seen doesn't always feel intuitive and the camera doesn't blink. (Except for kids. Kids are naturals.) Don't worry! It's normal to feel like this! By acknowledging it, we relax, share stories, and have a bit of fun. Together, we'll find the best light and I will occasionally give you a bit of direction so you don't feel lost. The best images will occur naturally through the session as we relax, chat, and take pictures. 

Sessions are me & my camera + you & your people at a location or two of our choosing for approximately 1-2 getting to know each other, making memories, and taking pictures. The session rate of $250 + tax includes the session, an online gallery with a curated set of edited pictures, and 12 high res images of your choice from the gallery, digitally delivered with a print release.  You can easily upgrade the basic session to include all the edited images from your online gallery for an additional $200 or add personalized products like prints and albums. 

Products - I offer museum quality art albums and prints (loose, matted, or framed). All products are designed by me, are custom-made and are sourced from companies who prioritize environmentalism, sustainability and living wage standards.

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