Thank you for considering me to be your photographer.

I use a camera to articulate the subtle glimpses of magic that I see in my own life and the lives people around me.

I want to help you remember your adventures, whatever they may be. 


Classic Lifestyle Session / $250 - It's easy. Every session starts with a dozen. 1-2 hours at a location or two + your choice of 12 high-resolution edited images for your personal use from an online gallery of curated, edited photos from our session. Each image is uploaded to your gallery in both colour + black & white. This session is perfect for couples, families, pets, maternity or whatever strikes your fancy!

Want to upgrade? - If you love everything, you can purchase the entire gallery's images for an additional $200.

Classic Combo / $700 - Two classic lifestyle sessions for the before + after or just because! All the goods above doubled! Combos include all of the curated, edited photos from both galleries of our sessions. No upgrade necessary! Perfect for maternity / first year documentation, or other adventures that need more coverage.


Q: What does a session look like? 

A: Good question! A session is a funny way of saying "part of your day" because the best sessions are just that. Being yourselves is the essential first step to telling your story and getting photos that honestly and beautifully reflect you. Generally, the less staged and the more relaxed the experience, the better the photos. You're not there for me, I'm there for you! 

Q: Where do we go and what do we wear? 

A: This is going to sound a lot like the answer above, lol. Forget the "photo shoot." Dress like yourselves! Choose clothing that you want to wear, that feels natural, and reflects your personalities.  We can work together to choose locations that are personal or reflect a meaningful vibe to you + your tribe. Whether this is your favourite coffee shop, or your living room, or a hike down a forest trail, I'm up for anything! 

Q: When do we shoot? 

A: Good photos depend on good light. People tend to think that more light equals better pictures. This isn't always the case though! The middle of the day is actually one of the harshest types of natural light and generally difficult for getting flattering portraits. Noon portraits on a sunny day yield washed out colours and unflattering shadows. Instead I schedule sessions either first thing in the morning or in the last few hours around sunset to get wonderful, soft light that flatters you. 

Q: What's your shooting style? 

A: I want to work with you to create pictures out of authentic experiences that reflect you as you are in the moment we're in. Not gonna lie, this involves an awful lot of intimacy, vulnerability, and spontaneity. Trust me, I know. It's hardest thing in the world sometimes: to exhale, let go, and just be. But this is where the magic is. The in between moments of just living. Let the kids run, sit down, turn your face to the rain, let the wind mess your hair, embrace the imperfections. I will be there with you and will sometimes move you into better light or flick a hair off your face, but the best photos are the ones that just happen. Adventure is everywhere. x

Q: Do you deliver RAW files or all the photos from our session?

A: Sorry, I don't. I firmly believe in delivering the highest quality images.  Curating and editing (choosing the best photos and processing them) are integral parts of my way of working.  I don't consider the pictures I take complete without these essential steps. Don't worry! I will get all the important moments and deliver beautiful high-quality digital images that are easily printed or shared.  

Q: How are our images delivered? What's your turnaround time?

A: After your session, I edit the images and upload the best to an online gallery, which is then shared with you.  Depending on your session, you can either choose your top 12 photos or take the entire gallery! All lifestyle images are delivered via digital download. Turnaround is between 4-8 weeks, depending on the season and my workload. 

Q: Attakat?!

A: A vintage idiomatic expression of excellence, akin to "good job" or "nice one!" I aim for this every time I shoot. :)


Keepsakes make your memories tangible!

Linen Photobooks - $300

Linen photo books are 8.6x6.4 inches, include a maximum of 96 pages, and come printed in either landscape or portrait orientation. Covers come with a cover image in a small rectangle, small circle, large rectangle or as plain fabric without an image. Linen covers come the following colours: ivory, nut, stone, moss, sea, blush, red, steel blue, and navy.

Moleskine Photobooks - $300

Enjoy your photographs printed in an authentic Moleskine journal. Made of the traditional black leather, 40-50 pages, sized at 8x8”, and fixed square orientation. Covers include a large square image window. Some pages may be left blank for reminiscing or include custom text (up to 10 pages). 

Frames + matted prints + additional sizes - Please inquire and I'll get you a custom quote!


I'm happy + proud to provide services to anyone of any sexual orientation, gender, race, creed or religion.

Love is the best adventure.