Your wedding album is a story of you. I offer 8x8 or 10x10 fine art albums printed on thick, archival quality matte paper and bound with your choice of a heritage cotton or premium leather cover. Albums come standard with 15 spreads and may include a maximum of 40 spreads. Custom lettering or text may be debossed or added in 22 carat gold filigree on the cover. You can also upgrade to an archival cotton album box. These albums are made by hand in the UK from a carbon neutral company that  uses heirloom quality materials from artisanal and ethical local sources. They compromise on nothing and I love them for it! 

8x8 album (15 spreads) - $1200

8x8 album with archival cotton clamshell box - $1500

10x10 album - (15 spreads) - $1500

10x10 album with archival cotton clamshell box - $1800

Additional spreads (per 2 pages) - $50

Custom cover (text) - $100

Custom cover (picture) - $300


I'm also thrilled to offer Hahnemühle 100% cotton fine art prints of your favourite photos. These prints are one of the most beautiful things I've ever laid eyes on and have to be seen in person to fully appreciate their quality. Hahnemühle's been in the paper business for over 400 years and it shows! The prints are printed by a boutique lab full of fellow paper nerds who love what they do. I'm overjoyed to do business with people who are as passionate about their work as I am! I offer fine art prints loose, matted or framed in a variety of sizes and packages. You can choose between a straight or deckled (torn) edge for your prints. All prints are a matte finish and come with a white border to help with handling and preserve them for generations to come when treated with love and care.

Loose Prints

4x6 individual prints - $40

5x5 individual prints - $40

5x7 individual prints - $50

8x8 individual prints - $70

8x10 individual prints - $80

Deckled edges (5x7 and larger) - $10 per print

Custom sizing available. Please contact me for a quote!

Matted Prints

4x6 matted prints (6x8/8x8/8x10 final size) - $80

5x5 matted prints (7x9/8x8/10x10 final size) - $80

5x7 matted prints (8x10/11x14 final size) - $100

8x8 matted prints (12x12 final size) - $130

8x10 matted prints (11x14/12x12 final size) - $150

Deckled edges (5x7 and larger) - $10 per print

Custom sizing available. Please contact me for a quote!

Please note that there will be a $15 shipping fee for any orders of fewer than 5 prints. Shipping is complimentary on orders of 5+ prints.

Print Packages

3 print photofolio (4x6) - $175

3 print photofolio (5x7) - $200

3 print photofolio (8x10) - $225

Memories Box (cotton clamshell) - 50 5x7 loose prints interleaved with tissue, housed in an archival cotton clamshell box  - $1200

Memories Box (glass & brass ) - 50 5x7 loose prints interleaved with tissue, housed in a glass/brass box- $1200

Matted Portfolio (5x7 prints) - 12 matted 5x7 prints (8x10 final size) in an archival cotton clamshell portfolio box - $1400

Matted Portfolio (8x10 prints) - 12 matted 5x7 prints (11x14 final size) in an archival cotton clamshell portfolio box - $1600


Q: Why print? 

A: It's hard to describe the beauty of seeing your photos in an album or printed on fine art paper. Printed pictures have a materiality: you can see them, touch them, turn them over in your hands. The ability to pull these prints off a shelf and savour your day through your photos, long after the wedding is over, is my hope for every couple I photograph.   Printed photos and albums, if properly stored and cared for, will be an heirloom that you can cherish for generations.

Q: What about taxes?

A: The prices above do not include taxes which will be added to any product or services purchase. Prices listed above are in Canadian dollars.

Q: Why don't you carry wood album or print boxes? 

A: In addition to being a photographer, I'm also formally trained in photographic preservation. Although I think wood boxes are lovely, wood and wood by-products contain lignin and are often treated with oils and varnishes that can off gas over time and accelerate damage and deterioration of your photographs. I only carry archival quality cotton or glass boxes for loose and matted prints because they strike a balance between being a beautiful place to house your prints and preserving them at safe, high standards for the future. I include specific preservation recommendations with every product I print and sell.

Q: What about other products?

A: I personally live by a philosophy of "fewer, better things" and this extends to my photographic work. I only offer you quality products that I'm passionate about from companies that I truly love. It may sound radical, but I don't think you need to print every photo. I have found that choosing only what you truly love to print and cherish will bring more joy in the long run. 

Q: How long does it take to get our products?

A: All products are top quality, custom designed by me, and made to order which means it takes a bit of time to get things in. Please order well in advance and inform me of any important dates or deadlines (i.e. holidays, birthdays, anniversaries) so that I can make sure that what you order arrives on time for any important occasions.

Q: Where do I find out about your wedding coverage?

A: Click here to find out more about wedding coverage and how I work! 

Q: Not getting married, what about portraits and lifestyle sessions? 

A: Defo! Love these too! Click here to find out more about portraits and lifestyle sessions!


You have to see it to get it. Pictures are just better in print.