Nezha / Doha, Qatar

Being overseas has a funny way of bringing people together. We are crashed against unfamiliar territory, language, and routine. To assuage this sensation of drowning, we grope, like blind mice on the elephant, for something, anything that feels familiar. Nezha was my first unfamiliar familiar in Doha. We both carry the Rocky Mountains in our souls. We share a strange, specific infatuation with Ben Harper. We like to think big thoughts and talk about them on puffy couches in quiet rooms.  We each have a different sartorial point of view with a common appreciation for quirk and quality. I relish our friendship.

One sunny Thursday afternoon we got together to listen to music, talk big thoughts, and twirl. Twirl, you say? Let me explain. Nezha has a dress with a story all its own. It's a custom-made design of her own creation based loosely on a traditional three part garment composed of shalwar (trousers), kameez (tunic), and dupatta (shawl). The fabric was painstakingly sourced in Lahore, Pakistan and stitched together by cousin Mona's trusted tailor.