Gabi, Reuben, Benjamin / Dubai, UAE

I was listening to Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" (which is 45 years old this year!) while editing these one night and it seems oddly appropriate since Gabi + Reuben + Ben are my first repeat clients and so much of Attakat's story is tied up in Benjamin's time on Planet Earth.  See, Gabi took a chance on me, back when I was just a wee bairn; a photographer telling little stories with my camera and thrilled/terrified by the thought of being entrusted to share a part of someone else's story.

But Gabi saw something in my photos that struck a chord and asked me to take pictures of her and Reuben as they celebrated and anticipated the arrival of their firstborn, a son Benjamin, who named himself in a dream.  Seeing them began my journey of seeing everything in a new way.

I have never lost the slack-jawed awe that people are willing to let me be a witness to their most important and intimate moments. I am particularly grateful to Gabi + Reuben + Benjamin for the trust and creativity they place in me to testify to their deep love for each other. They radiate warmth and light towards everyone and everything that is fortunate enough to stand in their sunshine. These were taken in Dubai, their new stomping grounds, to commemorate an important anniversary! Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!